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Letter of Endorsement, courtesy of Patrick A. Garrett

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Maestro Antonio L. Salvatori, Chairman
The American Heritage Orchestra, LTD.
P.O. Box6307
Wheeling, West Virginia 26003

Maestro Salvatori,

It is my pleasure to endorse the activities of The American Heritage Orchestra as an educational resource available to the citizens of Upper Ohio Valley. Live music performed by professional musicians is an essential experience for individuals who live in our computer dominated, electronically digitized society. Unfortunately, many children rarely are provided the opportunity to hear performances in the manner in which music was intended to be experienced. This non-profit educational resource is dedicated to providing free concerts in schools in our tri-state area such that students can be immersed in the complete adventure that music affords.

I have the privilege of serving as Director of Bands at Wheeling Park High School and I can verify that children are longing for experiences that are not replicated by a screen and a keyboard. Whereas adults may view technology with awe and wonder, many children to see it as somewhat mundane. They often search for experiences that are more interactive and spontaneous. In short, they thirst for a real rather than a virtual existence. I believe the services of a capable, versatile, emotionally charged, dynamic performing ensemble allows for the very sort of interaction that children often miss when confined to a video screen.

Having reviewed the plans of The American Heritage Orchestra I believe this to be a project worthy of support and hereby give it my wholehearted endorsement.

Patrick A. Garrett
Director of Bands
Wheeling Park High School


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